My Barber Shop


there’s a shady barber shop in China Town that gives me the creeps:

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black label ad

It’s a full building ad. I wonder if they placed the it right across the subway entrance on purpose.

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please tell me what someone can do with these?

ok these aren’t exactly products of science and technology. still all my neurons tell me they are interesting.

though I’d rather dig a grave and try necrophilia than pay 6000 bucks for one of these.

way to go mankind.

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We partied so hard last night. it was ridicilous. We all got drunk. Some of us puked. each of us lost trace of time and space.

We started at Josh’s loft party. The loft had a great dj booth, perfect dj lineup, a lot of alcohol, great view of Manhattan and a happy crowd. I danced to various house music from classics to banging house. I made Josh a Turkish Millionaire as a New Years present. Congratulated the New Years of 3 Japanese in Japanese “Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu” , drank Southern Comfort for the first time and recorded the new years countdown on my camera.

we left there around 2am to go to Canal 59

and that is where I lost it. Me and Anca went straight for the top floor but the party that we came for which Magda was playing was indeed on the 1st floor. which none of us noticed. we lost our group. ex-roomie Arif joined us at around 3:00. a lot happened between us and unknown individuals. we found our group, split up.

I took this picture when we were leaving. both floors were packed.

we left around 5:30. home was only 10 blocks away.

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