obituary – efe.

my dog Efe passed away yesterday. He was 13 years old. One of the most beautiful Kangal’s in the world.

He was brought to us when he was a puppy. I had tought him most of the words he knew, using dry apricot (he loved dry apricot) Our house has a garden though we brought him to the forest once a week so that he can breathe. (he loved the forest) he would know that we are going there. We had found a secluded area in the forest. When we were there, he would run all around unconsciously. Peeing at his favorite spots, usually same trees each time. We’d get tired, he wouldnt want to come back to the vehicle. We’d drive slowly on the soil road for a while and he’d run around following us. Peeing near trees he decided necessary, and finally hop on the jeep when he decided to.

We have a multi-storey house. One night, when me and my sister (around 10 years old then) were watching TV upstairs, she decided to get water from the ground floor. She started walking down the stairs, just then I heard Efe’s footsteps on the stairs downfloor. He was not alowed upstairs but he was probably curious that night, he was going up the stairs slowly, one foot at a time, incidentally the same time that my sister was going downstairs. So I heard both of their footsteps slow down by time, they had both realized some noise coming towards them, and they both finally came to a full stop. There was a complete silence for a brief moment. Then I heard first my sisters then Efe’s footsteps thrust in seperate directions. My sister, scared, not realizing it was Efe on the stairs was shouting at me. Efe was running down the stairs to the bottom floor fullspeed. Big boy was scared.

When he got angry. The hair on his back, from neck to bottom would puff out. And that was something to see. He was a guard dog. He didn’t mind getting angry, barking. He didn’t do well with other dogs. There wasnt anywhere to bring him to play with other dogs, and when he grew up it was too late to take chances. There was a dog living on our street though; she would sneak in our garden to meet him once in a while 🙂

One day, when we were in our garden. A cat, this lunatic Van region cat jumped in from nowhere and started coming towards us although she saw Efe was with us. She stayed with us since then. We named her Shirin. They never played together but Efe never did anything to her. She would sneak into his area in the garden, even hit him with her front feet, Efe’s nose would bleed lightly from scratches but he wouldn’t do anything to her. I guess he had the idea that she was crazy.
I’ll miss Efe. I decided not to go to Turkey last December at the last minute. I so wish I did.


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I won the superbowl!

Today I (think) won the superbowl pool at work. $200!
I never thought I could be this happy to a superbowl result.

My chances of winning was 1/100. Or even less according to football fan ex-roomie Arif who said a score with 9 and 2 in the end digits was a score thats hard to hit in football.
I’m thinking of planning a tour to Atlantic City with people at work. I also won (a lottery ticket) at the companys Christmas Party!


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