where is Anca going?

so we go to APT one night. to see some person dj’ing. Anca goes out to smoke, she doesn’t come back and I find her at the back porch talking to some designer couple. Later on she decides to go and touch the wall. She had a desire to do that for a long time, and finally she did it.

touch the wall

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everybody, meet Yeijin(pronounced)
Yeijin usually drinks gin & tonic. right now they are at the BONOBO concert with Ancayj

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Darpa Grand Challange Results

On MArch 13th – Darpa (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ) organized a competition for autonomous vehicles. Without any drivers, no repair, no human contact. The vehicles had to race a total distance of 200 miles in a maximum of 10 hours… here are the results of this years competition:

Final Data from DARPA Grand Challenge
As of 5:00 p.m. PST, March 13, 2004

Vehicle 22 – Red Team – At mile 7.4, on switchbacks in a mountainous section, vehicle went off course, got caught on a berm and rubber on the front wheels caught fire, which was quickly extinguished. Vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 21- SciAutonicsII – At mile 6.7, two-thirds of the way up Daggett Ridge, vehicle
went into an embankment and became stuck. Vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 5 – Team Caltech – At mile 1.3, vehicle veered off course, went through a fence, tried to come back on the road, but couldn�t get through the fence again. Vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 7 – Digital Auto Drive – At mile 6.0, vehicle was paused to allow a wrecker to get through, and, upon resuming motion, vehicle was hung up on a football-sized rock. Vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 25 – Virginia Tech – Vehicle brakes locked up in the start area. Vehicle was removed from the course.

Vehicle 23 – Axion Racing – Vehicle circled the wrong way in the start area. Vehicle was removed from the course.

Vehicle 2 – Team CajunBot – Vehicle brushed a wall on its way out of the chute. Vehicle has been removed from the course.

Vehicle 13 – Team ENSCO � Vehicle moved out smartly, but, at mile 0.2, when making its first 90-degree turn, the vehicle flipped. Vehicle was removed from the course.

Vehicle 4 – Team CIMAR – At mile 0.45, vehicle ran into some wire and got totally wrapped up in it. Vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 10 – Palos Verdes High School Road Warriors – Vehicle hit a wall in the start area. Vehicle was removed from the course.

Vehicle 17 – SciAutonics I – At mile 0.75, vehicle went off the route. After sensors tried unsuccessfully for 90 minutes to reacquire the route, without any movement, vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 20 � Team TerraMax � Several times, the vehicle sensed some bushes near the road, backed up and corrected itself. At mile 1.2, it was not able to proceed further. Vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 15 � Team TerraHawk � Withdrew prior to start.

Vehicle 9 � The Golem Group � At mile 5.2, while going up a steep hill, vehicle stopped on the road, in gear and with engine running, but without enough throttle to climb the hill. After trying for 50 minutes, the vehicle was command-disabled.

Vehicle 16 � The Blue Team � Withdrew prior to start.

heh. The next race will be in 2006. More information at http://www.darpa.mil/grandchallenge/


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“tak tiki tak makinalasmak istiyorum”

tak tiki tak
makinalasmak istiyorum
mutlak buna bir care bulacagim
ve ben bahtiyar olacagim
karnima bir turbin oturtup
kuyruguma cift uskuru takacagim

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