35 years later.

I have concerns about the utility of anti-war protests.

Meaning, why do you fight against something so hard, when you have never seen any outcome? This many years after Vietnam, you make a war protest, one of the biggest earth has seen

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. The first ever war protest -before- the war even starts. yet the war still starts.

War happens

maybe for a reason. The biggest reason of sadness, anger and frustration maybe serves purposes.

I don't believe in the utility of war protests. some 35 years later London and New York City can still ban a protest organization and turn it into an “anti-war parade” anyways.


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winning number!

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company outing with no company


Went out with friends to Bar 515. After we had agreed to go there, I had seen this girl on 34th and Madison handing out “Complimentary drink” flyers. I took 2, and then 13 more for the rest of the crew. I realized “free alcohol” is appreciated like nothing else.

Last night I drank

1 margarita
2 jack daniels
1 beer
1 jackdaniels
1 beer
1 beer
1 jackdaniels
1 mcdonalds coca cola

went to 5 bars including 515, CBGB’s, that colorful (creativity overkill) bar on 2nd ave and 2nd street, Piano’s and my neighbourhood’s Bar 159. Looked for the girl who handed out flyers in 515, took pictures of my friends band at CBGB’s, gave the name of a completely made up friend “Paul” to get into Piano’s and listened to some good solid house set by Derrick from Cleveland at Bar 159.

I realized only one person in my colleagues was smart enough to get drinks from the two bars located in the front and the back of Bar 515. it wasn’t me. I was an hour and 2 whiskies late.

At Piano’s they had this 8–12 year old girl on stage, with a red cloak. she was trying to hush people to begin whatever she was going to do. I don’t know what kind of a performance an 8 year old can do in a club without me attributing a Lil’ Bow Wow worth of charisma to her. she stopped her performance before it even started since she “forgot something”. Drunk and annoyed I rushed out.

I promised Abdel at the door that I’d be there for his show on October 6th. He plays african drums, I told him about Central Park Drum Circle, he said he’s the real thing.

being single is all about drifting around in this city.

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ileri 20’li yaslarin ruh halleri

“kendini ifade edecek bisi bul”
“ arayistayiz hepimiz”
“yasin gerektirdikleri”
“hepimiz olecegiz”
“nihan evlendi inanabiliyormusun?”

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September 11 stuff

September 11 stuff

I went up to the roo

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f last night to take pictures of the memorial. It turnsout the Creative Time guys had done this work. Here's a link to it's history.


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the man who tries to run away from A130

this is a video I downloaded from the internet about 2 years ago. It's a video recorded from inside an AC130 bomber plane. I think it's promotional material showing that US Army did not bomb the Mosque's during operations in Afganistan or elsewhere.

What drew my attention was this mans effort in the video; trying to run his life away fro

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m from the missiles landing on his left and right.


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