Pinar Yolaçan —

'The Tripe Artist' is what they call her.

A showing of her photographs, “

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Perishables,” opens at the Rivington Arms gallery on New York's Lower East Side on December 10.


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doktora gittim. bogazimda birsey kalmis gibi hissediyordum bir haftadir. yutkun, yutkun gitmiyor. hos da bir duygu ama gereksiz. neyse doktor ilac verdi, 3 hafta onu kullanacakmisim. Mide ilaci… hemsirenin biri adimi cok begendi, “do you pronounce it as…” diye tum amerikalilarin ismimi soyledigi sekilde soyledi. “yes” dedim oyle okunur. yalan tabi. “ohh so good” dedi. neyse Cinli doktorun dediklerinin yarisini anlayip (acid reflux’um varmis, sounds cool) diger yarisina gulup kafa sallayip sabah mahmurlugu hala uzerimde hastaneden ciktim.

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(even though you're not hungry.)

From C. S. Forester's description of British Army Headquarters in The General:

“It was like the debate of a group of savages. As to how to extract a screw from a piece of wood. Accustomed only to nails, they had made one effort to pull out the screw by main force, and now that it had failed they were devising methods of appliying more force still, obtaining more efficient pincers, of using levers and fulcrums so that more men could bring their strength to bear. They could hardly be blamed for not guesssing that by rotating the screw it would come out after the exertion of far less effort, it would be a notion so different from anything they had ever encountered that they would lough the the man who suggested it. “

From Kevin Sites Blog :

“A gunner sitting in the armored turret of a humvee fires 40-millimeter grenades non-stop into the building — until the gun jams.

Staff Sgt. Terry Mcelwain of Burden, Kansas is pissed. He grabs the bazooka-like AT-4 rocket launcher from the back of another humvee. It's fire trail zips into the now smoking building.

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Mcelwain wants Weapons Company to fire a tow missile into it as well, but low hanging electrical wires make it impossible — so he calls up the tanks instead.

Two Abrams lumber toward the target. They stop and fire their main guns in unison. The explosion shakes the street. But the Marines aren't done yet.
They pour in more rounds from 50 caliber machine guns and their M16's.

But as the unit moves past the building, going from east to west, another RPG explodes behind them, then a third. More casualties. A Navy Corpsman cut the pants leg off one of the injured and wraps a guaze dressing around the bleeding wound while another Marine covers with a 249-SAW (squad Assault Weapon). But regardless of how much firepower the Marines bring to bear — they can't seem to silence this phantom enemy, which continues to fire on them from the rear…

The gun battle continues late into the night — eventually an AC-130 gunship is called in and strafes Elizabeth Street with its mini guns. With eight of their men wounded–it is a bloody and disappointing start for the Marines — and a reminder that to win the battle for Falluja — they will likely have to fight as they did today block by block, street by street. “


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cenneti de gördüm, cehennemi de.
öyle bir ask yasad?m ki,
tutkuyu da gördüm, pes etmeyi de.
baz?lar? seyrederken hayat? en önden,
kendime bir sahne buldum, oynad?m.
öyle bir rol vermisler ki,
okudum okudum anlamad?m.
kendi kendime konustum bazen evimde,
hem k?zd?m hem güldüm halime,
sonra dedim ki, “söz ver kendine”
denizleri seviyorsan, dalgalar? da seveceksin,
sevilmek istiyorsan, önce sevmeyi bileceksin,
uçmay? seviyorsan, dü?meyi de bileceksin.
korkarak yas?yorsan, sadece hayat? seyredersin..
öyle bir hayat yasad?m ki, son yolculuklar? erken tan?d?m
öyle çok degerliymis ki zaman,
hep acele etmem bundan, anlad?m…


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