relate and relativity

“…Now lets see an example of Relativity at work:

Example 1:
A space-ship move away from Earth at a constant speed at 80% of speed of light (0.80c). As a viewer, you remain stationary on Earth. Your task is to compare the space-ship's clock with your wrist-watch after 1-second has pass.
– The result shows that: The space-ship's clock has pass 1.6667-second. Which seams like that the space-ship's clock has being running 70% slower than your watch.

Refering to example 1, what

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would happen if you were instead in that space-ship and not on Earth?
– You'll be surprise that after you had measured 1-second, Earth's clock will be at 1.6667-second, which indicate that Earth's clock is 70% slower than your wrist-watch…”

oh and

“…A person travelling near the speed of light would also find that colours of lights ahead were blue shifted and of those behind were red shifted.”


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Amerika’da calisirken kiz kardesinle ayni evde yasiyorsan olabilecekler:

Gun ortasinda arayip “kuru kayisi ne demek?” diye bir soruyla calisma ritminin ortasina olanca agirligiyla dusebilir..

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