bitter men, bitter tastes, bitter experiences and grapefruit

The olfactory system is designed to recognize a wide range of odors and to discriminate one odor from another — an essential ability if one is to avoid such inappropriate responses as mistaking a mate for a snack. The organization of the olfactory system reflects this need, with each olfactory neuron expressing only one of the 1,000 or so olfactory receptor genes. Taste is a different matter, especially where bitter compounds are concerned. Virtually every naturally occurring toxin tastes bitter,

“so bitterness clearly evolved with the sole purpose of warning you against the ingestion

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of toxic substances,” says Zuker.

The important thing is to recognize and reject anything bitter, not to get hung up on distinctions among different compounds. Indeed, experimental evidence indicates that humans are unable to discriminate one bitter substance from another.

Too much bitterness can cause dehydration. It can also Increase roughness, emaciation, dryness. Reduces bone marrow & semen. Can cause dizziness & Eventual unconsciousness.


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