Chinese food and suicide rate

In a recent discussion in one of the Burning Man mailing lists people were talking about how healthy food brings healthy thoughts into peoples minds. Eating fast food and smoking definetly drains ones energy thus effecting their mood.

China has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. “China’s suicide rate is 2.3 times the world average

4 people per Minute. 287,000 suicides/year

Sesame oil, used frequently in Chinese kitc

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hen has w6 (omega6) fatty acids.

The prevalence of depression seems to increase continuously since the beginning of the century. Though different factors most probably contribute to this evolution, it has been suggested that it could be related to an evolution of alimentary patterns in the Western world, in which polyunsatured omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish, game and vegetables have been largely replaced by polyunsatured omega w6 fatty acids of cereal oils.

The w3 are present in linseed oil, nuts, soya beans, wheat and cold water fish whereas w6 are present in maize, sunflower and sesame oil. These two classes of fatty acids are said to be essential because they cannot be synthetised by the organism and have to be taken from alimentation.

In addition, two studies found a higher severity of depression when the level of polyunsaturated w3 fatty acids or the ratio w3/w6 was low.


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