damo suzuki

Two tracks with Damo Suzuki.

Can – Vitamin C (Ege Bamyasi 1972)

Can_-_Vitamin_C (Ege Bamyasi 1972)

Sixtoo – Storm Clouds & Silver Linings (Boxcutter Emporium 2004)

Sixtoo – Storm Clouds _ Silver Linings _Featuring Damo Suzuki of CAN.mp3

Can spent some time recording soundtracks for art films and porno movies (music that was compiled on the album Soundtra

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cks) before releasing its second proper effort in 1971. The album “Tago Mago” introduced a new vocalist, Damo Suzuki, a twenty-one-year-old Japanese singer whom Liebezeit and Czukay saw busking outside a cafe in Munich. “I saw Damo from far away, and he was screaming and sort of adoring the sun,” Czukay told Bussy and Hall. “I said to Jaki, ‘Here comes our vocalist!’ and Jaki said, ‘No, no, it can’t be true!’” Suzuki was invited to that night’s performance. He began screaming at the audience and cleared the room in record time, thereby assuring his position in the band.


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