Most Expensive Chemicals Top 11

Compiled with data from:




#11  CALCITRIOL – Cas No [32222-06-3] – PH-3709   / $20,000/gram


Calcitriol is indicated for:[1]

Calcitriol is also sometimes used topically in the treatment of psoriasis, however the evidence to support its efficacy is inconclusive.[2] The vitamin D analogue calcipotriol is more commonly used for psoriasis.

Calcitriol is a form of vitamin D that is used to treat and prevent low levels of calcium in the blood of patients whose kidneys or parathyroid glands (glands in the neck that release natural substances to control the amount of calcium in the blood) are not working normally. Low blood levels of calcium may cause bone disease. Calcitriol is in a class of medications called vitamins. It works by helping the body to use more of the calcium found in foods or supplements.


#10  ARBEKACIN SULFATE – PH-2853B  / $20,900/gram

3 vial of 10mg $209/10mg

“…Arbekacin sulfate (ABK) which is one of the anti-MRSA medicine..”

Although MRSA has traditionally been seen as a hospital-associated infection, community-acquired MRSA strains have appeared in recent years, notably in the U.S. and Australia.[2]

#9 RHG-CSF – PH-4458A  / $22,000/g


Recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor

rhG-CSF is now widely used in the treatment of neutropenia including some reports of useful responses in. Felty’s syndrome.


#8 CARDIOTOXIN – PH-5509 / $22,000/g


Cardiotoxin III (CTX III, also known as cytotoxin 3) is a sixty amino-acid polypeptide toxin from the Taiwan Cobra Naja naja atra. Recent evidence has shown that CTX III may induce apoptosis in K562 cells via the release of cytochrome c [1]. This protein belong to large family of snake venom toxins [2].

Cardiotoxin – a poison that can cause the heart muscles to cease functioning.


#7 RHGM-CSF – PH-4458B / $27,500/g


A naturally occurring protein that stimulates the production of granulocytes and macrophages by stem cells and is used as a drug by some immunosuppressed individuals.

GM-CSF is a cytokine that functions as a white blood cell growth factor. GM-CSF stimulates stem cells to produce granulocytes (neutrophils, eosinophils, and basophils) and monocytes. GM-CSF is used as a medication to stimulate the production of white blood cells following chemotherapy. It has also recently been evaluated in clinical trials for its potential as a vaccine adjuvant in HIV-infected patients.

#6  EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR – PH-1993  – $27,500/gram


Epidermal growth factor or EGF is a growth factor that plays an important role in the regulation of cell growth, proliferation and differentiation.

EGF is currently being marketed as a therapeutic protein for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers by at least three companies. Bharat Biotech International, a company based in India, is marketing EGF as REGEN-D, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, based in South Korea, is marketing EGF as Easyef, and the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, in Cuba, is marketing EGF as CITOPROT-P.[5] [6] EGF is also used in a burn treatment cream product, Hebermin, manufactured by Heber Biotec S. A. in Cuba.[6]

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a small mitogenic protein that is thought to be involved in mechanisms such as normal cell growth, oncogenesis, and wound healing.


#5 ALPHA-BUNGAROTOXIN – PH-5532  – Powder form  – $88,000/gram


Bungarotoxin (more accurately a-bungarotoxin) is one of the components of the venom of the elapid snake Taiwanese banded krait (Bungarus multicinctus). It binds irreversibly to the acetylcholine receptor found at the neuromuscular junction, causing paralysis, respiratory failure and death in the victim.

May be used to prevent muscle contraction with possible uses as a muscle relaxant in general and cosmetic surgery.

#4 ERYTHROPOIETIN – Cas No [113427-24-0]  – PH-4458D / $107,800/g

EPO is a glycoprotein hormone that is a cytokine for erythrocyte (red blood cell) precursors in the bone marrow. Also called hematopoietin or hemopoietin, it is produced by the kidney, and is the hormone regulating red blood cell production.In 1989, the Food and Drug Administration approved the hormone, called Epogen, which remains in use. culture. It is used in treating anemia resulting from chronic renal failure or from cancer chemotherapy. It has a history of usage as a blood doping agent in endurance sports such as bicycle racing, triathlons and marathon running.


#3 MICROCYSTIN – Cas No: [101043-37-2]  – PH-5611A– 96% min  –Commercial Qty /  $593,000/gram

1mg total $593.8

“They are cyanotoxins and can be very toxic for plants and animals including humans. Their hepatotoxicity may cause serious damage to the liver.”


#2  CHINESE COBRA VENOM FACTOR – PH-5505 – Powder form / $693,000/gram


 1. Source: from Chinese Cobra Venom
2. Usage fields:
(1) By way of treatment purpose: This product wildly used to cure heterotransplantation
urgent exclude reaction, delay reaction and breath embarrassement syndrome.
(2) By way of reagent purpose: For the reason of this product has much better stabilization
and high effect rate, strong single mature of anti-complementary it is an ideal tool in
researching and application of molecular immunology and clinic immunology.
3. Mol wt: compose of 3 different substructures with different mol wt, its relative mol wt is about 145800.
4. Physical status: white lyophilizated powder.
5. Identification of biological activity:
A: Identification of snake venom factor hemolysis activity
B: identification of snake venom factor anticomplement activity
6. Storage: -20°

“…Venom phospholipase A2, for example, obtained from the Chinese cobra, is used widely by biochemists and molecular biologists who study cell surface interactions and catalysis…”


#1  NERVE GROWTH FACTOR – PH-5504 – Powder form /  $858,000/gram



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Guide to Geocaching and GPS Photography Ver. 1.1

Guide to Geocaching and GPS Photography using GPS Tuner 5.0 by Turgan

I’ll try to create a simple guide on how to geotag your photos. This way you can

I am in no way an expert in any of these fields. Also English is my second language. Please excuse and alert me, on any errors I might have below.


First we’re going to load a custom map (an actual geospatial image of the location) off the net to our GPS Tuner Map Calibrator on our desktop computer.
Then we’re going to calibrate and break this map into parts so Gpstuner can give us a high quality map covering a large area.
We are going to load these into our Pocket PC, preferable to our memory card.
Once in the pocket pc we’ll make sure our camera’s and our pocket pc’s time is synced. Then we are ready to start taking photos.
Once our trip is complete we’ll transfer the photos and the logs and if needed, convert them to a GPX format. (especially required for GpicSync)
Then we’ll use GPicSync or RoboGeo to tag the exif’s of our photos and generate google maps enabled photo gallery of our trip using either one of these software or the awesome Google Picasa.

Here we go

Part 1 – Getting our hiking map into pocket pc GPS Tuner

We are going to use geospatial images for our geocaching map.

It’s not easy to get tiles for anywhere we like, so we’re going to have to work our way to it.


Warning: This one is a huge gray area.  It is semi-illegal to get these images without paying for them. These are all copyrighted images. I highly advise against saving them to your harddrive, printing them, and even using this guide to do your geocaching/gps photography.

Also don’t download mp3’s. As a matter of fact, try not to buy ipod’s because it is an incentive to download illegal mp3’s which fills up 80% of the ipods on the market today. Do support your favorite artists by linking to their purchasable songs from your pretentious neo-look-at-the-cool-mixtape-i-did mp3 blogs. Also don’t watch copyrighted illegal video’s on Youtube. If you see a copyrighted video on youtube, flag it and ask Google to remove them. Try to catch them on tv. A bit sarcastic here; but I’m serious.


Done with the warning. On to our piracy.

Super-Googer  Gives you the ability to display any location by simply pasting satellite map tiles code into this page. How do we find the code of a particular map tile?

By viewing the location we’ll be terkking at in Google maps. View the site you want to visit in Google maps and select the correct zoom level you want to maps in,


Now my starting point of the trip, thus my starting tile is the train station , so it’s somewhere around here:

google location

  In your Firefox, go to TOOLS > PAGE INFO and browse to the MEDIA tab. Once in media tab, you’re going to have to find the exact tile that this image represents. In this case, it’s this:

starting tile


Each zoom level adds one letter to this code. Details are explained here. Be careful that this might not be the image of the exact zoom level you might be looking for. For example tqsqtstsstrr is from the same location as tqsqtstsstrrtstsq but 5 zoom levels up.

Anyhow, we paste this code into Super-Googer, change the Number of horizontal/vertical tiles as you like.

This is our final trekking map that we’ll load into our pocket pc:

This page is made up of many small tiles, if you right click and choose Save as… it will only save one tile. Somehow we have to save them all as 1 image.

For this we need a great Firefox extension named Screen grab.

Once you installed Screengrab just fire it up by clicking on the status bar icon on the lower right corner of firefox and choose Save > Complete Page / Frame and save your map to a location.

(Notice: If your Number of horizontal/vertical tiles are HUGE, ie. 30 tiles x 30 tiles, you might have some memory problems)

Now that we saved our image, there’s only one adjustment to make before we calibrate this map and load it into our Pocket PC. Somehow the images saved with Screen Grab do not show the Pixels / Inch. Which I usually keep around 72 pixels / inch (GPS Tuner suggests 96dpi but their default map is 72 somehow). So I open this image up in Photoshop. Go to Image-Image Size, set the Resolution to 72 pixels / inch (even though it already shows so) and then save the image in MEDIUM quality format to the same location.


From GPS Tuner 5.0 Manual:
 When scanning maps for GPS Tuner, we suggest a 96 dpi resolution.
 For best results, keep map pixel size under 5000 x 5000 pixels.
 Keep file size under 20 MB (use higher compression if necessary).
 Although GPS Tuner supports the calibration of rotated maps, for best results we suggest to use North-oriented maps.

Now we load map calibrator and open our saved final map image.

In order to calibrate the map we’re going to use the page:

Go to Find Places on the main page, and type Garrison. Garrison in New York is somehow the 20th match. Click on the Zoom that’s right under Garrison – United States of America, New York

Switch to satellite view and zoom in further to find the train station in garrison. I’m going to use the corner of this overpass as a calibration point in Gps Tuner Map Calibrator. I drag the crosshair in the Earthtools maps to this corner, and click on LOCATION tab in Earthtools page on the upper left.


it shows me what the coordinates are:


41° 23′ 3" N


73° 56′ 47" W

And this is exactly why I type in GPS Tuner Map Calibrator. In map calibrator I click and hold on the corner of this exact location of overpass until the Add New.. > Calib Point pops up, and I type the above values in there. I make sure that N and W values are correct. If not you’ll have to click on the E in the popup ADD CALIBRATION DATA window in map calibrator to change it to W, so that you have 73° 56′ 47" W rather than 73° 56′ 47" E.

I repeat this step 2+ times for other locations on the map, so that I get a finely calibrated map.

Once this is done, I save this map in Map Calibrator by Save… > Save Multiscale Map Slices

Once they are saved on my harddrive, I transfer them to my pocket pc under my memory card, under a GARRISON directory.

Then, on my Pocket PC the only thing I have to do is click on the map screen map screenclick on Open map open map buttonbutton and select my map to load it into GPS Tuner.

gps map


PART 2 – The Trip, Recording our logs, optimizing Gps tuner tiles

If your GPS is working and positioned it will automatically center you on the map.

You have to make sure that GPS Tuner is recording logs. For this, under  click on the Manager Window icon managerwindow and start your NMEA and Tracklog logs.


Once you’re on the border of a map image slice, a new slice showing your current location should show up…if not take a look at here:

“You may increase the speed of the load time by:
If your maps on stored on SD card, move them to a folder on your PDA "Main Memory".
Reducing the file-size of the map-slices.
Reducing the resolution of the map-slices.
Increasing the number of map-slices…“

Or here:

“If you have an average hardware (average CPU speed, average RAM speed, average Card speed, etc), you would probably be well advised to load medium sized (1000×1000 pixel) pictures or smaller. The logic is that your hardware would need to access image slices less frequently, but the intitial tradeoff is that the loadtime for the image would be longer than, say – a 500×500 pixel image.

So here’s my theory: Make a map-slice based on the dimensions of your PDA screen (mine is 320×240), with the initial overlap set at half the larger number (320 for me). Then set your PDA overlap setting to half of that number (160 for me). This will follow the Developer’s logic (as show above), and only force the program to load those images of your map in whichever direction you might be travelling.”



DELL X51v 640×480
Palm Tungsten T5 320×480
DELL AXIM X30 240×320
Treo 650 320×320

Or here:

“I just set the overlap to 50px (as I had exported with 100px) and it works like a charm!!!! No problems whatsoever!

I still cannot believe the solution was that simple. And actually logical, Map Export counts the pixels on both sides as it calculates how much bigger to make the map (a 933 pixel map becomes 1033 pixels in total with 100 overlap) and GPS Tuner on the other hand needs to know when to start loading the next slice, which of course is half of that.”

Site Admin

“You sould use 120 pixel overlap in GPS Tuner if you have redered map with 240 in Map Calibrator. Unfortunately Map Calibrator is undocumented, so the only thing I could do it to set the default overlap 320 in MC and 160 in GPS Tuner and until users leave them it sould work.

So, please try to use 120 px.”


PART 3 – Transfering Photos and logs to computer to create GPS Photo Tour of our trip

We’re going to transfer the photos to our computer, encode the location of each photo to the exif header, and upload them online to view them on a map.

We have many options to do this:

  • GPS Visualiser
  • GPICSync
  • Robogeo
  • Google Picasa (this is a fantastic solution for these reasons: Easy to upload, the photos have a Next-Previous button in the google maps balloon, it works very fast, it accepts 500 photos and processes them faster than any solution, it also has an amazing "Play" feature which switches through each photo and gives you a google maps tour of your trip!)

Once our map is ready, our batteries are loaded we, we synchronize the time of our PDA with that of our camera and take our trip. Then all you have to do is transfer the files to the computer. This includes the images from the camera as well the tracklog (trk file) or the NMEA log from the pocket pc.

Whether your file is a tracklog or a NMEA file, it’s best if you convert it to GPX first.

You can upload the file and have it converted here:

Once your file is converted and saved,

Install GPICSYNC from the following location. Load your pictures directory and your GPX file to the program and follow instructions.


You can also try ROBOGEO.

I’m not going to go into the detail of these programs. In all of these programs all you have to provide is a GPX or a NMEA tracklog, and a directory for photos. These programs automatically match the images with the gps log and stamp the location data to the exif of the photos.


Next is using these programs to create a google map. Getting a google api key is necessary for some of these solutions.


Or Google Picasa:

Google came out with a new feature on 6/27/2007. Geocode your photos with one of the above three programs and your geocoded photos to Picasa. Your Geocoded photos will have a little cross-hair in the lower left corner of their thumbnail in picasa. As seen:picasa

 Result is here:



UPDATE 1.1 6/28/2008

Added Google Picasa solution above.


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I prepared a map of restaurants in brooklyn that participate in the Dine in Brooklyn week. Click below for the Yahoo map prepared with Batchgeocode:

Manual De Siembra Y Cultivo Del Pasto Maralfalfa, Taiwan Y King Grass.

Comissions! That's $67 Per Sale!'> 75% Comissions! That's $67 Per Sale!

520f4045afdd9e61451 March 19-30, 2007 Three courses for only $21.12 Dine in the hip zip for restaurants during Brooklyn's restaurant week and discover the “diversity of delicious” that Brooklyn restaurants offer. (*Price does not include beverages, tax or gratuity.)


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Configuring IBM Java VM to run Mobile Gmaps

I’m using T-Mobile MDA. I’m still having problems accessing the Mobile Gmaps, but here’s the path I followed to configure and run Mgmaps on T-mobile MDA – Otc Wizard.

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car speeding through Paris streets and the story

Somebody posted this video of a car racing through empty Paris streets to Burning Man mailing list. It turns out father of one of the members of the list had actually interviewed the director back in the day.

Great story.

Hi, sweetie,

Ironically, I interviewed Claude LeLouche in 1986 at the Cannes Film Festival when he was there for the debut of Man and A Woman 20 Years Later. That film was mediocre, though the earlier version of M&W was a classic love story and there are some fascinating stories about the making of that film. The interview was going poorly and I asked the writer Jack Matthews if I could ask LeLouche a couple questions about another of his films. Jack, dying for anything to talk about, encouraged me, and LeLouche lit up like a Christmas tree when he found out I knew about his film. It was one of his proudest accomplishments, he said. Here is why.

A technical adviser on the original film shot in 1966, Maurice Trintignant, was the brother of the film's star Jean-Louis Trintignant. One day they were talking over lunch about great races and drives Mo had done, and he told the story of once making it from Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt at the River Seine, up to Sacre Coeur Cathedral in about 11 minutes on one Sunday morning in August. Everyone at the table guffawed. This was roughly 11 miles in 11 minutes through a dense and twisty city. Mo had left one woman and was about to be late for another rendezvous with another girlfriend. Maurice was very VERY handsome in his youth, he was a Ferrari team Formula One race driver, he had run in the 24-hours of LeMans many times for Ferrari and others, he was very wealthy, and he was very well known all over France.

LeLouche was enthralled with the tale, and after a few days of talking about it, they eventually decided it would make a wonderful short subject film. No dialog, actual sound, camera strapped inside the car, and just let Maurice go at it. They would position an actress at the stairs, she would walk up into view, and Mo would get out of his car and go to her, pretty much as it had happened a year or so earlier.

LeLouche had gotten a new 16mm camera, the NPR, from Eclair, a French motion picture camera manufacturer, and, on a Saturday morning in August he and his cinematographer mounted it inside Mo's 1965 Ferrari. The camera would hold 400 feet, 130 meters, of film, roughly 11 minutes worth of sound film at European sound-recording speed, 25fps, (compared to US 24fps, making the film look slightly slower on US projectors!) LeLouche told Trintignant to turn on the camera as he emerged from the underground roadway along the Seine at FDR Boulevard. They started just after dawn, about 4am. According to what Trintignant told LeLouche, he had just shifted into third gear as he started up the tunnel r

buy generic viagra online

amp and then he switched the camera on.

He hit more than 150 miles per hour on the Champs Elysses, blowing through red lights. The scene in which the car skids, starts one direction and heads another is because Trintigant momentarily forgot where he was and which road he was to take. He did take a one-way street the wrong way, but he recalled having done that the year before, and he was very surprised to encounter a trash truck in the pre-dawn Saturday side street which did not happen in his original run on a Sunday morning when trash collectors were off.

The running time is 9 minutes 40 seconds, or something like that. They did it in one take, one time, only. Mo did some runs at legal speeds during the days before to refresh his memory of the route, and to plan his run. But it was impossible to follow his actual route so these really were no kind of rehearsal. That's what LeLouche said made it all so exciting. It was completely an illegal run because LeLouche knew it was easier to apologize than to obtain permission. It almost was done as a bet to see if Mo could do it again, this time with a camera in the car.

LeLouche mentioned nothing to me about being arrested. In fact, I think he continued producing films throughout that entire time these other “authorities” are talking about. I first saw the film in 1969, then again in 1972, and about once a year or so through the 1970s. It was a huge cult classic among car wackos. It only was available in black-and-white and it cost $300 to rent it for one showing or a dozen. I know this, because I wrote one of the rental checks for a Ferrari club chapter dinner meeting in the late 1970s. (A small “foreign film” distributor here in Santa Monica handled the film in the U.S. and it was pretty easy to rent. They listed it under cultural films, calling it a Paris Travelogue. I'm not kidding.) So as a result, the hosts of the car clubs often would rerun it several times during an evening. It took until shortly after the 1986 Cannes Film festival for the film to become more widely available, first on VHS, and later on DVD. I won't say my conversation with LeLouche led to that, but it did become more widely available in the late 1980s.

So, maybe now, hust think of it as an action-adventure love story and you may enjoy it more…?

Ironically, Nissan's ad agency used Rendezvous to inspire a fabulously costly (and much less enjoyable) 350Z commercial shot in Prague about three years ago. But many of the same cues, the old lady, the blown red lights, the trash truck, the wrong-way street, all are there, in an homage to Claude's homage to l'amour, toujour l'amour.

Less assholish, once you know the story? love, dad


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sunday early morning

Sunday was sweet. Baris called on Saturday from Brooklyn and reminded me of the second
Sunday Morning early shooting we were planning to do. We said “lets
do it”. I told him to call me to wake me up. then Mete called from 100th street. I reminded him of the second Early Sunday morning shooting we were planning to do. He came over to Chinatown…

I woke up at 5am and called Baris. he answered the phone and later on woke up.he hopped on his bike, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and came over. After a
partially nice Turkish coffee prepared by partially awake me, we hit the
streets. The result was happiness and joy.





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September 11 stuff

September 11 stuff

I went up to the roo

que es vitiligo

f last night to take pictures of the memorial. It turnsout the Creative Time guys had done this work. Here's a link to it's history.


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Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,
Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free, now now.
And feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues,
You know feeling good was good enough for me,
Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee.
( Kris Kristofferson )

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word of the day

id�i�o�syn�cra�sy ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d–sngkr-s)
n. pl. id�i�o�syn�cra�sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.
A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
An unusual individual reaction to food or a drug.

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Blog in Iraq

this guy is blogging from Iraq and he has some good points.and various people post very confused comments.

“…All the images of a long history of violence above have become deeply ingrained in Iraqi society, and I’m afraid we have become desensitized to such scenes a long time ago…”

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everybody, meet Yeijin(pronounced)
Yeijin usually drinks gin & tonic. right now they are at the BONOBO concert with Ancayj

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My Barber Shop


there’s a shady barber shop in China Town that gives me the creeps:

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We partied so hard last night. it was ridicilous. We all got drunk. Some of us puked. each of us lost trace of time and space.

We started at Josh’s loft party. The loft had a great dj booth, perfect dj lineup, a lot of alcohol, great view of Manhattan and a happy crowd. I danced to various house music from classics to banging house. I made Josh a Turkish Millionaire as a New Years present. Congratulated the New Years of 3 Japanese in Japanese “Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu” , drank Southern Comfort for the first time and recorded the new years countdown on my camera.

we left there around 2am to go to Canal 59

and that is where I lost it. Me and Anca went straight for the top floor but the party that we came for which Magda was playing was indeed on the 1st floor. which none of us noticed. we lost our group. ex-roomie Arif joined us at around 3:00. a lot happened between us and unknown individuals. we found our group, split up.

I took this picture when we were leaving. both floors were packed.

we left around 5:30. home was only 10 blocks away.

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plastikman’s new video from new album

 ex-new yorker friend ali demirel finished the video for Plastikman’s Disconnect. it was recently on Mtv europe. it’s dope.

see the video here

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wine hang beer over

the weekend was nice. saturday we started drinking wine early and flooded out to the streets of new york. passsed on a boat party and went to The Knitting Factory. an artsy fartsy event with some good installations.

There was a (approx. 20 feet long) cardboard tunnel with white walls and ultra-violet lights on the top. you could write on the walls with a torch and it stayed on until a crazy strong halogen lamp lighted up on top, giving a sunshine-like heat and light to everywhere, it erased the stuff written on the walls. we made metaphors of happiness and shine and darkness joyfully until we got bored and needed booze.


September 08 2003 134

sunday started with a painful hang over.
and when i say painful, i mean something that you know nothing could help. it’s there in your body and it’s not going to go away by drinking gatorade or eating yogurt. sunday was painful.

we went out shopping and Anca found these ultra practical space saver storage bags at Century 21.
put your clothes in, zip the bag, then vacuum it through the valve. its too much As Seen on TV- like but i’m sure we’ll make use of it in our tini-mini apartment.

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Sunny Side of the Street

I love the bass line on this song.

Jay McShann, Duke Robillard & Maria Muldaur – Sunny Side of the Street

cubist panaroma


Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worry at the doorstep
Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street
Can’t you hear that pitter pat and that happy tune is your step
Life can be so sweet on the sunny side of the street
I used to walk in the shade with those blues on parade
But I’m not afraid ’cause this rover, crossed over

If I never had a cent I’ll be as rich as Rockfeller
Gold dust at my feet on the sunny side of the street

With those blues on parade
Because this rover, it crossed over

If I never had a cent I’ll be as loaded as old Rockfeller
With that gold dust ’round my feet
On the sunny side of the street
On the side, at that side of the street that is sunny

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dancing africans

i like african drums. there is a street drummer named Bruce under 42nd street. he plays in,  what I call: ‘the sickness tunnel’ between 7th and 8th avenues from 6am to 9pm. with all that crowd it feels like they are marching to his beats.

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